Friday Night at the Tinkoff

Went out on Friday night to farewell Graham, who has taken over managing the project from Peter. Graham was heading home for a few weeks break, and a few of us will not see him again as part of this project, we decided to go to the Tinkoff for a meal and a few drinks. It was a balmy evening and so we decided to sit ourselves up on the roof to take in the spectacular views of the mountains and watch the incredible light show that happens on a couple of the buildings. Was a good night out.

Trying to get a ride

Alex negotiating the fare during peak hour

In the rather small taxi

Graham, myself and Alex enjoying the beers and the view

"More piva please!!"

Graham having a good time

Hendra, our waitress and Christie

Alex, Justin, Elena and Hendra

The best pork shalicks in Almaty


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